Nordic Trouble

8 Dec 2017 -25 February, 2018

at Konsthall C
Stokholm, Sweden


Luise Kimme's sculpture, Tuff, will be in the exhibit

Nordic Trouble
9 Dec 2017- 25 Feb 2018

Opening 8 December 6-9 pm

Artists: Anawana Haloba, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt & Camilla Aviaja Olsen, Corina Oprea, Ellen Nyman, Katarina Pirak Sikku, Minna L. Henriksson, Saskia Holmkvist, Santiago Mostyn with Luise Kimme.

Nordic Trouble brings together nine artists based in the Nordic region who through their individual artistic practices address specific contemporary issues which trouble the North of Europe: environment, colonialism, white supremacy, arms industry and the double sided foreign politics vs. trade.

Nordic Trouble aims to generate a critical aesthetic and discursive platform for engaging in questions of artistic and curatorial potentiality regarding the social realities of the Nordic region and their relationship to the global world order. Examining the multifaceted relations between historical colonialism, capitalist globalization, and neocolonial forms of exploitation on the one hand, and postcolonial forms of conviviality on the other – the platform offers an opportunity to reveal, undermine, unthink, and alter Nordic culture.

The exhibition starts out by discussing the aesthetic-political concept of trouble through historical roots (arms industry and neutrality), repressed traumas (colonization), recent migration, and, finally, looking ahead to a more just future in which things and subjects that have been divided and kept apart are reconstructed.

There will a DJ, great food and drinks to cost price during the opening night.


Tuff and Doreen