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West side


Top Gallery - view 1


Top Gallery - view 2

Main gallery - view 1


Main gallery - view 2


Lower gallery - view 1


Lower gallery - view 2


Small gallery


Court Yard


The Octagon guest house

Small gallery and pool

Kimme Museum (The Castle)- Directions

Visiting hours:
Sundays from 10.00 am - 2.00 pm.

There is an entrance fee of US 7.00 or TT40.00/person.
Visits at other times can be arranged per telephone

Manager/Artist Dunieski Lora Pileta
Tel.: (868) 770 5007

email: dunieski.lora@yahoo.com

or Arletys (868) 781 2785 (also WhatsApp number)

Directions to the museum:

1. Turn off Shirvan Road toward the Mt. Irvine Hotel. Pass the Hotel and go up the hill, it is the 2nd turn on the right.

2. 1st turn on the right is called Pine Hurst Drive and is a dead end, do not go in there unless you are walking (first track up on your left). Kimme Drive lies directly above and runs parallel to it. To reach Kimme Drive you keep going past Pine Hurst Drive, up the hill, keep strictly to the right, even when a little diversion appears on top of the hill, stick to the right and immediately there will appear a sharp turn to the right, facing down to the ocean, it is called Aurora Ave. By now you will see Kimme Drive, turn left. At the end of the short road is the Kimme Museum. See you there.

Nearby Anglican Church of Configuration

The Anglican Church of Transfiguration in Black Rock holds service every Sunday at 10 a.m.
Please visit and see the beautiful Luise Kimme murals and big carvings. The inside sparkles with colours and is well worth a visit.


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