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November 21, 2006
Mizka, a tomcat, arrived


The tom cat is called Mitzka, and lives on Lewis' ceramic plate. He  followed my friend Inga from the Golf course up to my house, during the time that I was in Cuba.

Mizka took charge, and insisted on living here with all the dogs, who respect him as an oddity, he is not afraid.









July 2006
Luise is back in Town! I now work with Cuban Sculptor Jose Montero (Santiago de Cuba). See photo of copper works by  Jose Montero- click here

Jose MonteroCuban Sculptor Jose Montero, studied 5 years in Havana and 5 years in Moscow. He sculpts large heads of famous Cuban leaders in  copper and has also been involved  in helping with monumental sculptures in Cuba.

And now I am working in his studio. Here he is, working on my small sculpture and from now on I have to speak of "B.M."(before Montero) and "A.M." (after Montero). He teaches me proportions, body structure and hand structure.  B.M. all my legs came out too short and now all new sculptures (which have not been cast as yet) have elongated legs.

Three sculptors, Amando, Julio and Montero work together on casting; but it is not really casting, the sculptures are made of Wax and the Copper attaches itself to the Wax, with negative and positive poles, the copper plate hangs in the fluid; it is an electrolyte process.

When I cannot get a foot right, I call "Julio, can you please fix this foot for me?" When I come back the foot is perfect.

All my small bronzes are made B.M. I will return to Santiago de Cuba  at the end of October 2006, to work on 14 waxes for copper



18 June 2006

Rita 2

This little puppy, Rita, lived 2 nights between the legs of a sculpture in front of my house. Mrs. Phillips took it to the Animal Shelter. Another puppy, Olga, was on neighbour's land and she is also at the Shelter. Both are looking for a nice home. If you are interested in adopting them, please call The Tobago Animal Shelter : (868) 639 2567.


4 June 2006
The  dog Lola  is still here, tied all over the place for her security. She may go to Josi's goat farm for the time I shall be in Santiago de Cuba, leaving here on the 26th of June reaching Thursday 28th of June. While in Cuba I will be working in the Taller Cultural alongside Xiomara, on small sculpture, this time copper I hope and dancing.

The famous El Festival Del Caribe takes place during my stay in Cuba (3rd until the 9th of July ) and I will attend many shows and events. My thoughts, reading and listening to music are on Cuba all the time. I will return 12 July 2006.


31 May 2006
The pack attacked Lola again on Sunday. I have to keep her separate from 4 of my dogs, who want to kill her. I feel sad and so sorry, and started to paint her yesterday. When she gets through with all her shots I will fly her to Germany to Bello Inn near Berlin.

Lola with her painting
Lola posing for her painting

Lola  Lola Confined
other paintings of Lola (click to enlarge)


23 May 06

Luise Dancing

I passed my Gold exam I.D.T. with "highly recommended" in the four smooth standard dances. dog singing

The examiner, former British International European and Latin American Champion Lynn Armsby, must have overlooked my nervous scrambles and saw the technique.

I am very glad. I want to do the next  exam with less anxiety  and more joy.



9 May 06

The stitches will be taken out tomorrow by Dr. Barrow Smart, from Ninja and Pixy.

I nearly went berserk with the gaping cuts, flies, powders, Teebaumoel in the end, and on my hand too, that today I had to take a Panadol. I am painting all kinds of men, dancers, birds, dogs, listening to Merengue from Dominican Republic, which I got from Peter Krog from Denmark.

Thinking about Calle Herdia in Santiago de Cuba all the time. Need to leave soon. Also thinking about my friends in London. Ryan, the gardener, is redoing the fence at the bottom of the garden. It is very dry.

Saturday, 6th May 2006

Kimme bitten

A tv team from Sat 1. was here filming 'Germans under Palms'.
As I sat under a palm tree in my garden explicating the virtues of living here, my dogs were all about; they suddenly attacked Lola, the new dog, just like Ines, the dog expert from Germany who was recently in Tobago, had warned me, they would do again.
I ran around the bamboo instead of through it, as I did not want my blond wig to be stuck there as the final shot of the film and tried to pull Lola off her attackers. She turned her head and bit me in my left hand. The film girl ran for a towel to stem the blood. I finally held Tyson who bit into Lola  furiously.
Now she is in her sick room again with the fan on. I went up my dark street last night to take a tetanus shot from Dr Joseph on the corner over the fence. Lola goes on antibiotics tonight and I maybe tomorrow. No dancing, no fêting, I have to start painting instead. My gardener said, I should have let her bite my right hand also, so he would get to bathe and dress me.


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