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Luise was cremated in Trinidad. her friends, Albert Prince and Dunieski Lora, beautifully painted the casket in symbols relevant to Luise.

Tribute by Luise's photographer, Stefan Falke,  Trinidad Guardian Newspaper- click here
Tribute by Peter Sheppard and Ilka Hilton-Clarke - click here


At 11.10 pm Luise died at her home in Tobago after battling cancer for 6 months.


The sculptures arrived safely in Dusseldorf for the Exhibition. Below are two images of the sculprures in storage there.






From now on the Kimme Museum will be called the Kimme Museum Institute, small sculpture- big art; which means, we will change into an art school for small bronze casting taught be master sculptor Dunieski Lora Pileta from Santiago de Cuba, who cast all my small bronzes, the originals are always in wax.

We will invite students from different Universities, either spring term or winter term breaks and also students and artists from Trinidad and Tobago. We should be ready next year. We have to build a foundry and a kiln and build 8 high tables and chairs, and source all the materials and tools.

The bottom floor of the fomer Museum will be a studio. Robin Van Lear from Cleveland Ohio, will organise the students trips etc. She normally brings water colour students; she herself is an artist and a carnival designer, she won many times in Tobago with her original and beautiful costumes. We look forward very much to this venture.

Luise Kimme



Today 28 wooden sculptures are going to Duesseldorf  Germany in storage first and then for an exhibition. The museum now houses only big bronze dancers outside, and inside small bronzes, reliefs, drawings and the 14 feet tall religious pieces. We want to change the studios and one exhibition space into an international sculpture school for small lost wax casts in bronze, aluminium, and of course ceramics, run by Cuban  artist Dunieski Lora Pileta, who will build kilns and a small bronze casting facility. This is very exciting to me and I look forward to this change.

Luise Kimme
January 14th 2013









During this years' Festival del Caribe in Santiago de Cuba, my 2 Nijinsky dancers were inaugurated in front of the entrance of Teatro Heredia and La Diabless in front of Taller Cultural. My  10 Orisha Sculptures were shown at AHS Ass. los Hermanos Saiz, with a candle processions and the candles were then placed in front of the sculpture, painted live figures stood still like sculptures, very impressive.

Procession  to the exhibition

Entrance to Teatro Heredia opening of the Festival


Dunieski and myself


Isidro and  Dunieski, who placed the sculptures with advice from ballet dancers


Live statues amoung my Orisha sculptures


Candles in front of Elegua


La Diablesse in front of Taller Cultural, Vista Alegre, Stg. de Cuba


At the AHS Show, visitors and Ochun


Mama de'Leau, or La Serpiente
(La Sirene in the background)



Festival del Caribe

Expo Colectiva
La Reunión
Santiago de Cuba

3 - 9 July 2012

Catalogue - click here




Report and photos from my recent trip to Cuba










Above: Rene, Isidro and I working on 3 new figures in wax for bronze. We had only four days to do 3 sculptures and four of us working on them including Duniesky who always does the crows after my drawings, and Rene did the feathers on the peacock and other fine details




2 cypress  trees arrived and one cedar trunk


7 sculptures are on the way to Santiago de Cuba.




Cuki, a Yoruba living in the USA, visited the Kimme Museum. She is 6' 11 " tall.




New dog Coco arrived end of January 2012


Coco ( right) has moved to the second platform with Bele as playmate and Moso as overseer.




Luise is going to be in Cuba, at Taller Cultural, Stg. de Cuba, from 2nd. of March until the 9th of March



Six Orisha sculptures are in the Casa de Caribe no. 1., in Santiago de Cuba, plus 4 being shipped out in January 2012, until Casa de Caribe no. 2. is ready (it is being repaired), when all religious and folklore sculptures of the Kimme Museum in Tobago will be placed permanently in that beautiful building dedicated to Popular Religions.

Entrance Casa de Caribe

Six of Luise Kimme's Orishas in Casa de Caribe, Santiago de Cuba


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